When people ask me about my profession I always tell them the following :
“I’m a photographer but what I love to do most is education”

Over the years this educational part of my photography has been growing into many directions and when looking at it we realized we had something really cool but we needed to bring it all together under one program, and this program has launched in May 2018 under the name “Learning with bryanformhalsphotography.com”.

The reason we choose for the title learning is very simple.
Learning is something you do for your whole life and in my opinion photography is not something you learn in a few years on school, but it’s a profession where you actually never (ever) stop learning, it doesn’t matter if you’re a seasoned pro (that also teaches) or an absolute beginner, there is always something new to learn, for me this is the main attraction to photography.

Over the the years we have created different ways of teaching options, and on this page you can find the links to them, during 2015 you will see that we will bundle them all together a bit more.

1. Workshops

Teaching workshops is without a doubt where my passion lies.

Every workshop I try to make 100% flexible, meaning we start with an intense Q&A and from this I will build the rest of the workshop making sure all the questions are answered.

The workshops are taught worldwide and from our studio in the Netherlands.

You can find the agenda (and information about the workshops)

2. Portfolio reviews

You always want to improve your photography, but where to start?

When you ask your family or friends you already know their gonna love it… right?

So why not ask a third party?

3. A year with Bryan

The ultimate program to improve your photography and business approach, in a full year you will visit all the workshops in Atlanta, get assignments, portfolio reviews and much much more.